Elder Law

Elder Law encompasses a variety of legal areas that affect people as they age and people with disabilities. It includes estate planning, long-term care planning, special needs trusts, retirement, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid planning, competency concerns if a senior develops Alzheimer's, dementia or other serious health issues, and guardianships. Elder Law also helps to address and prevent the financial exploitation and/or physical abuse of the elderly and disabled. 

You or your parents may not feel the urgent need for legal guidance in any of these areas. But if you live long enough, you will. Addressing them now gives you time to consider your options and plan for the future you want for yourself or for a loved one. Preparation can save untold stress and expense later. When the pressure is on, you may have fewer options, and they may be more costly than planning ahead.

Do you have an estate plan, including a will, durable power of attorney, and healthcare power of attorney? If you are a veteran or veteran's widow/widower, are you receiving all the VA benefits to which you're entitled? Have you properly planned for the preservation of assets to avoid spousal impoverishment when one spouse enters a nursing home?

Of course, there are some cases where things will have already begun spinning out of control. Duane Gilliam uses his broad knowledge base to look at the big picture, ask the right questions, and offer options that you may have not yet considered to more thoroughly address the variety of legal challenges of his senior clients. Duane helps his clients to use all the tools available, including legal, governmental, and community agencies, in order to sort things out.

It can be difficult to know all of the right questions to ask. Call Gilliam Law Firm PLLC at (910) 485-8899 for a consultation to review your situation or a loved one's situation.